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The Advanced Database Systems and Application (ADSA) Laboratory exists in the Department of Computer Science with the primary mandate of conducting research and teaching in the area of database systems at the University of Calgary. The laboratory consists of three faculty members in the Department whose primary interests lie in the area of database systems. In addition, several other faculty members from both the Department of Computer Science and Biology participate in the labs activities in addition to several members from the Faculty of Medicine. The life-blood of the group consists of a large number of intelligent, enthusiastic, and highly motivated graduate students working on extremely interesting state-of-the-art projects. We invite you to browse through these pages and see the breadth (and a little of the depth) of the research activities being undertaken in the Advanced Database Systems and Applications Laboratory.

Our Mission
The Advanced Database Systems and Applications (ADSA) Laboratory is primarily interested in undertaking research related to next generation database systems. The laboratory promotes this mission by placing a priority on graduate student research activities and by ensuring the work undertaken is always at the leading edge.

Laboratory Profile
As mentioned above, the core of the ADSA consists of three faculty members interested in various research activities in the general area of database systems. The driving force behind our research are the graduate students that work (and sometimes live) in the laboratory. We encourage our students to work and participate in industrially-relevant projects so we are always interested in partnerships that will provide challenging state of the art projects for our students (and ourselves) so the work we do will remain of keen interest and immediate relevance. Many students have already graduated from the group at both the Masters and Doctoral levels. Most of the M.Sc. graduates currently work in industrial research project or have gone onto further their education in Ph.D. programs. All of the Ph.D. students are currently working in either a professorial position in a University or are working in industrial research.

Contact Information
Dr. Ken Barker founded the laboratory in 1999 and Dr. Reda Alhajj joined it in 2001. Detailed research interest statements are under the Faculty link so you can contact either of them for more information about the ADSA and they will be pleased to discuss how you might participate in its activities.